Who Am I written by Dr. Swatee Miittal

Who am I ? 

The mind, the matter or beyond ? 

Neither the matter, neither the mind, nor beyond. I am that. The ‘that’ that never began and can never end. It is. That’s all. It is, just it is. 

Multiple lifetimes pass before we realize what we were truly born for. 

We take birth, we die. This cycle continues. Until we truly discover our purpose. Not this worldly purpose. But the purpose of actual self realization. To know who we ‘truly’ are. Our ‘true nature’. Our ‘self’. Our ‘being’. This self that is ‘being’ the being. 

Everything that shows up, shows up inside this space. Everything is a projection. I am part of the matrix, I am in the matrix and I AM the Matrix. Something is flowing through me, a stream of consciousness, it’s constantly flowing, constantly. Nothing is going away, nothing new is being born, yet everything is changing every nano moment. 

It does not exist in Time. It exists in Space. Space IS Time. Space is within, it is internal. It can expand endlessly. But most of our human life, it stays veiled from the mind. The mind is not equipped to handle the power of this space. It does not know what to do, how to process or channelise this energy, this creative influx of electric charge streaming through the endless phenomenon of space. The mind is limited, logical and reasonable. The space is all embracing. There’s nothing magical in the space because anything is possible in the space. However, for sanity’s sake, every event taking place in space has to be filtered through the five senses of the mind. 

The mind uses the five senses to perceive the world, helping the ‘Self’ navigate through the experiences and explore life.

The space explores when we close the doors of the five senses from the outer world and go inside in search of seeking the truth. Until you realize that you yourself are Shiva and you have the Shakti with you. It’s only when you make a conscious choice of stopping indulgence into the five senses, stop being deeply attached, addicted to the five senses that the numbness slowly washes away and you feel like you have woken up from a deep state of sleep. 

Till the time you keep feeding the mind, you will not be free to truly experience the space within. How will you find who you are then ? One needs to prepare oneself to meet oneself. It has tremendous power and needs a stable mind to hold-process-channelise the energy that comes with true self discovery, or even walking on the path of it. 

The question to ask yourself at the beginning of this journey is, ‘Do you own your mind or does your mind own You ?’ You are ready only once you are out of the grip of your mind, to take that journey of fearless creation, discover your true self, identify your higher goals and fulfill your purpose.

And if you are not ready yet, here’s where to begin. One day at a time, one moment after the other. It can be a long journey or a short one, depending on how willing you are to surrender. Remember in the world of space, time does not exist. 

You are free, you have an eternity to progress, and yet this one moment, here & now, is all that you truly have to make that choice in the chaos.