The Kindness Project

Stories of Kindness is a heartwarming project dedicated to spreading positivity and compassion through sharing ‘real acts’ of kindness.

Our platform features engaging audio and video podcasts, available on Spotify and YouTube, where we share real-life stories of how small acts of kindness have made a significant impact in people’s lives.

Through these touching narratives, we aim to build a strong community known for looking out for one another and coming together to help those in need, creating a bigger positive impact on the world.

As part of the “30 Kindness Challenge,” we encourage individuals to embark on their own Kindness Projects, where they commit to doing one kind act every day, no matter how small, to collect positive Karma through acts of kindness.

Join us on this journey of kindness, self-healing, and building a movement that celebrates the beauty of compassion and the power of being kind to one another.


Together, let’s make the world a brighter, more loving place.