The Foolish Forevers by Dr. Swatee Miittal

Do you live in the present or do you chase the illusionary forevers ? Maybe answering the next few questions will leave you with the right answer. Do you experience Joy waking up most mornings? Or do you wake up with an inherent sense of loss, an empty feeling in your pit ? If you wake up feeling lost, do you know why ? What might be killing your Joy of Living ? What robs you of Living in the Moment ?

This innate desire to hold onto things, identities, moments, people, emotions and feelings to stay eternal.  for an eternity eternal when all of life is but momentary. The desire for  and the pain that comes along with the realisation that it’s all an illusion. This innate desire of being unique and irreplaceable. And the lengths to which one can go for that. The costs that we pay for a momentary illusion of exclusivity! How momentary it is! We do not choose to believe in the moment and the momentariness of the moment, we do not enjoy the exclusivity that moment of pure joy brings along. We want to capture it and make it last forever. Our innate attachment to eternity….our messed up relationships with the word ‘forever’

Our innate desire to be that ‘forever’ to someone’s moments…our spiral inward pull to an everlasting longing for moments to turn into ‘eternal’ our foolish ‘forevers’.

But I must admit to myself, ‘forever’ is by far the most beautiful of all illusions ever to exist. It often overrides the real freedom that lies inherently under ‘momentary-ness’ of ‘everything’, but more often that not we are more than ready to pay the price in a quest for achieving this forever. You will be present on this planet tomorrow too and fifty years from now hundred years from now people will call you by a different name and perhaps you shall carry no memories of this time, you won’t remember how you struggled every single day to be that one person who’s name the world would never forget. 

Everyone did, and so did you. For you yourself might as well be sitting on that bench in the streets of London that holds your name scribbled onto it from previous lives you might be using the technology you once helped invented, or ordering from the same store where you once worked, crossing the same library or reading the same book you’ve read twice before in two different lifetimes how fascinating is this if time is a human invention, how many planes are we co-existing in?

This name that you now carry is not ‘forever’ isn’t that such a relief? doesn’t that hold true for beauty and sadness? ‘Forevers’ best truest friend is ‘nothing’ and ‘Change’ is in a relationship with ‘Constant’.

Opposites attract. They look at the other with enquiry full of eyes, big & inquisitive, trying to look for that answer. What is it that people love about the other?