How to express love to your partner by Swatee Miittal

How to express love to someone you love ?

Did you know the number of people who shy away from expressing their love to someone they love, is strikingly high. Usually one person in the relationship is more expressive than the other. Two people with two different love languages, being in love with each other.

Lack of expressing love to your partner is one of the leading causes of drift between two people. Sometimes the drift is not that visible, because it is engulfed with numbness.

If you understand and respect your partner’s need to be loved, desired and cherished, your relationship is bound to get stronger and deeper. When you are willing to work upon yourself in your relationship, you are investing in building one of the biggest assets of your life.


Tell me that you love me
Sometimes even when I don’t ask you to

Cause sometimes darling
I long to hear it when I am not expecting to
Originating from deep within you 
This desire of making me listen
To your love confessions
Holding me down
Till my object of attention is you and you alone
Because there is a difference my love
Between saying ‘love you’ & ‘love you too’ 

If you are one of them, who is struggling to express your love to your partner, and are willing to work upon yourself, I have a simple Three Step Magic Mantra specially for you !

Simple, easy and authentic, you just have to follow these three steps and see the magic happen right before your eyes. This might be the surprise your partner had waited for, for years.

So, here are the three steps, 


Express your love in words. 

But, how to express your love in words ?

By these three simple actions –

  1. I See You

    Taking an unsuspecting moment when you both are together during the day to share ‘the little something’ they did last week that is going to stay with you, were touched.

    It can be a simple action of walking on the outer side while walking with you on the road, learning to cook your favourite meal, picking you up from work. This will convey to them that you notice, and that they are ‘seen’. One of the strongest ways of expressing your feelings to someone you love is by conveying the beautiful feeling of them being ‘seen’.

  2. I Like You

    We often ensure to take every step in the beginning of any relationship,  but once we settle into a relationship, we almost stop putting efforts ourselves as well as stop noticing any efforts put in by our partners too. Eventually struggling with how to express your love to your partner.

    Take a moment, hold them by their hand, pull them close gently and in their ear murmur something you noticed about them recently. Have they been going for a workout lately ? Or have they started dressing up more diligently ? Have they started a new perfume that they specifically like or are they doing their hair a particular way recently ? It can be anything right from the way they are taking care of themselves to the way they sing in the bathroom.

    All you have to do is, mention it to them. Leave them feeling ‘liked’ by the person they so deeply loved. And that my friend is how to express your love in words to someone you love.

  3. You Matter

    Mother Teresa said ‘We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty’.

    This is a truth that hits hard. Once in a while it is good to convey that the other person matters to you and so do their feelings. Imagine feeling unwanted and undesired in a relationship where you are supposed to feel loved. How lonely life can become for such a person.

    Do you put in efforts to convey to your person that they matter to you? If not, this is your cue for expressing your feelings to someone you love.

This Valentines, let yourself initiate a conversation of love on the mantra “I See You, I Like You & You Matter” and see the magic.

Let yourself  express your love in words to the person you love. And see them blush.
Wishing you lots of love !