Listen - Poem by Dr. Swatee Miittal

Without the urge to correct, or change

Without the need to disagree

Ditch the temptation to add your own perspective for once



Without the need to defend yourself

Without being triggered by your own past

Without being offended by your own interpretations

Deeply rooted in your own personal insecurities

Free from hidden agendas, free from driven interests

Offer someone today the gift of “Pure Unadulterated Simple Listening

Just Like That


But of course, You will have to STOP Talking First

Cause that’s the basic deal, you see.

You cannot listen unless you stop talking.

And a conversation where there is no space for dialogue is just a monologue…

Be vary of the mind. For it often manipulates you into believing your ‘speech’ is a conversation. Just like the Wolf hiding in the skin of Sheep.

Speeches do not evoke emotions, neither build connections.

What you might be thinking is a deep meaningful conversation, might be nothing more than a silent relationship drowning in the noise of your own blowing trumpets….

So, before it’s too late,




Dr. Swatee Miittal