Loving Someone Vs Needing Someone by Dr. Swatee Miittal

Whenever you find yourself craving for someone’s presence, ask yourself this question,  Am I needing them? Or am I loving them? Am I being the person who is empowering them to be who they truly want to be? Or, am I being dependent on them to make me feel special, important, because that will make me feel worthy?

I am learning the difference between LOVING someone vs NEEDING them.

The time they spend alone, doing anything that doesn’t involve me is their ‘ME TIME’. Isn’t it a little selfish to expect that their ‘me time’ is included in the time they spend at work. Everyone needs space. But sometimes we overstep the boundaries when we mix up loving and needing someone. 

The moment you distinguish this and give up the ‘need’ to be ‘needed’, your energy will shift. There will be peace around you and they will experience this shift. 

Human beings are quite intuitive & sensitive beings. They can sense when the other person is holding a complaint against them. Being around someone like this will never bring joy, peace and happiness to another person. Expectation is a slow poison for any relationship.

Can you allow them to just be? Can you appreciate them living their life fully ?  Can you respect their need for their ‘me time’ after all the hard work they put in throughout the day? Can you show your love by being joyful and supportive in things they want to do ? Activities that bring them joy and happiness ? 

Meanwhile, let’s focus on you ! How are you doing ? Are you taking care of yourself ? Are you taking time out to pamper yourself ? To go out on trips ? Fulfilling your childhood dreams like learning a guitar or some dance forms or a new language ? Go experience the world and do things that bring you joy & happiness as well. 

Something magical happens when you focus on your happiness, you become like a magnet, attractive and interesting. And then, the very things you ran after, would come looking for you ! So find what brings you joy and do that !