Self Love written by Dr. Swatee Miittal

As you grow something beautiful transpires. We realize that the world is not divided in black and white. That the essence of being human lies in everything that’s between these two extremes. My understanding about these four lettered words has witnessed a paradigm shift in the last couple of decades. From being that teenage fluttery fantasy to making promises for life. From syncing schedules to imagining a future together. From getting married to rediscovering this four lettered word again….this amazing quality it has. This immense depth and possibilities of being defined in endless ways. With each passing day as you grow older. You realize true love is a journey of discovering yourself in pursuit of serving another person with unconditional love.

What is unconditional? When in love, you and everyone around you is simply free to be! When love is free from control and a need to change someone. When every moment is a joy cause each moment is full of discovering the self and the other you don’t burden the other with your expectations they can just be in your presence without the need for reaching anywhere, when the walk together starts feeling more beautiful than the destination then perhaps you are walking on the path blessed with love. When you are free from the need to control yourself or the other we control even by planting our expectations silently, manipulating….Β 

But love is a light that doesn’t light for itself. It is but a beautiful place of serving. It always lights up the lives of the people on whom it shines with each passing day, I understand this simple truth. Well love is….just Love!