how to get out of comfort zone by Swatee Miittal

For years I struggled with getting out of my comfort zone. I knew it all along, there were risks I needed to take in order to find my sky !

But I was too scared to fall, so I held onto the ground.

My mind convinced me it was only protecting myself from ‘rejection & hurt’ by waiting for the right time.

I opted for jobs that ‘ made sense to people’, safe jobs with no scope of failure.I always wanted to write books, but my fear of judgment did not allow me to break my comfort zone.

And you know what? I ended up ghost writing for others for years.

Countless books written by me are available on Amazon, none of them carries my name as an author. I saw others being celebrated for the work I did for them hiding in my safety net. That’s how fear looks like my friend.

You live with the pain of knowing the potential of possibilities trapped inside, locked under the lid of fear.

But those days got over the day I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I finally Chose Me.

If you are scared to choose yourself & live your truth, this message is for you my friend.

Print it out and stick it on your mirror.

Read it daily until one day you are ready to Choose Yourself & Live Your Truth.

You But New

It’s a process

A difficult one

Growing into the person you want to be

You are so attached to the old you, the ‘familiar’ You

Just the idea of letting go of everything

Everything you once held onto like your life depended on it

Everything that you called ‘You’

The only version of ‘You’ you have ever known

To let go off

Just like an unborn child living inside the womb cannot imagine the life that awaits outside

We are scared to let go

We tend to cling onto familiar anchors despite not wanting to be in that position

Ironically, often the pain that comes with staying in the same spot is MORE than the one that comes with taking the leap,

But we hold on, clutching for bits of familiarity & going about daily routines mindlessly looking for comfort.

My friend,

That familiar reality has served its purpose its time to let go

Is it scary ? Yes

Is it worth it ? YES

How else would you meet the “You” waiting beyond the darkness ?

Beyond this version of “You” ?

Real growth lies outside

Outside the womb

Outside the comfort zone

Like a phoenix burning everything you ever once to become something that’s still YOU but NEW

It’s time to leave your comfort zone my friend.

Let go of the old ‘you’ to meet the new ‘you’, you are about to become.

For You never know, you just be in for a lifetime of surprises, provided you are willing to break your comfort zone !

If you’ll never let go, you’ll never know !!