Lifted in a blanket of white, always on cloud nine

Floating drifting away into the familiar unknown

Veiled by a thin misty layer,

Everywhere you go.

When was the last time you felt like you, you thought like you, you were really awake ?

Trying to wipe away the mist in the mirror,

Trying to get a grip of this present conversation,

Wait what did you say again ? I’m sorry, I drifted away

If only I could wipe away this mist on this mirror,

Why is everything so hazy ?

Hi !!! How are you my dear ? I remember I have to get back to you on that email !  I am going to send it to you by tomorrow, for sure !

Wait, what was that ?

It was due last week ?

When did I check my phone last ?

How much time has passed since the last time we spoke ?

Three months ?!!!

Where did the days go ?

Did someone delete the data from my brain ?

I am sorry, what did you just say ?


I AM listening to you my dear, it’s just….

Oh no don’t be upset….

Don’t you know I love you so much !

If only I could show you,

Wait, do you see this post ?

That’s my dearest childhood buddy !

You know he recently became a father ?

I will visit him soon.

Wait, is that his…?

No IT ISN’T  !!!!

That’s his son in the picture ! He’s already walking ?

Wait how much time has passed ?

I just spoke to him on the phone, and he told me he’s become a father today !

He even joked about how he still couldn’t believe it !

When was that ? February this year ?

No, February Last Year !

Oh my God !

What he must be thinking !

What a careless friend I am….

Where did the time fly ?

What, what did you ask again ?

Wait, no he wasn’t speaking, I was.

What was I saying again ?

What’s that look on his face ?

He’s still looking intently at me, I must be speaking something important.

Let me mentally revisit the last thread of the conversation here, then maybe I might be able to find what I was talking about.

How awkward is it, losing the track of time, losing the thread of thoughts, constantly

Holding onto reminders and alarms during your brief confrontations with sanity,

Fighting this thin misty enemy with no name, no face and no identity whatsoever

Eating away your life one day a time, one conversation a time, one relation a time

Fusing together your yesterdays with tomorrows and tomorrows with todays,

This fog that forever lives inside your brain.



Dr. Swatee Miittal